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Do I need to workout everyday?

A question we hear a lot as personal trainers is "Do I need to workout everyday?". The short answer is no! Even professional athletes take rest days. Did you know that your muscles grow when your actually resting? This may surprise a lot of people as some people believe training everyday will make their muscles grow bigger. However, getting adequate rest and recovery will lead to better gains.

My advice? Keep your workout program to no more than 5 days a week and split your muscle groups to the 5 days planned.

For example:

Day 1 - Chest

Day 2 - Legs

Day 3 - Rest

Day 4 - Back

Day 5 - Shoulders

Day 6 - Rest

Day 7 - Arms & abs

Do not worry if you do not make it to the gym 5 days a week, maybe you have a busy work schedule or family life and can only make the gym 3 days a week. If this is you? That's okay! As being consistent is the most important thing. Try doing this plan instead...

Day 1 - Push (chest, shoulders & triceps)

Day 2 - Rest

Day 3 - Pull (back & biceps)

Day 4 - Rest

Day 5 - Legs

Day 6 - Rest

Day 7 - Rest

Maybe your work schedule or family life is still too busy and you can only make it to the gym 2 days a week. Then follow this plan...

Day 1 - Upper body (chest, shoulders, arms & back)

Day 2 - Rest

Day 3 - Rest

Day 4 - Lower body & core (legs & abs)

Day 5 - Rest

Day 6 - Rest

Day 7 - Rest

If your still struggling and you can really only fit in one day then a fully body workout might be your best option. On the days you are not able to go to the gym, trying to be more active and less sedentary will also help you keep your body fat down and compliment the day's you are able to make the gym. Some examples of this may be walking your dog for longer, trying to get off the bus a few stops earlier or cycling to work instead of driving. This can be very beneficial to your long term goals and health.

Whatever life style you have it's important you stay consistent and work with a personal trainer who understands your circumstances. We design personal training programs for our clients that are tailor made to the individuals lifestyle. We want to design a personal training plan that suits you and you can adhere to. As this is more important than burning yourself out trying to get to the gym everyday as for more people it is unrealistic and not possible.

Rest and recover


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