We are not a gym, we only offer one to one personal training with a personalised nutritional plan and we tailor this to the individuals needs and goals because everyone is different. All of our work is done by appointment only. We do not sell memberships or allow drop in clients, we keep our client base small to allow us to concentrate our efforts and help our clients to achieve the best results.  We offer private secure parking for our clients, a shower for anyone training on their lunch break, 24 hour communications with our elite personal trainers to keep you motivated and on track with your goals.



Our Personal Trainers take pride in their work. They do not believe they are the best they prove it.  At G42 We do not just offer testimonials that anyone can write we show hard evidence in our transformation pictures. Our personal trainers treat every client as an individual and do not hand out generic programs and diets.  We use systematic personalised methods to plan our clients workouts and use weekly weigh ins and body fat measurements to make sure our clients are staying on track with their program.


Our diet advice is tried and tested, we don't promote the latest celeb trends or gimmicks and magic pills and fat burners. Our personal trainers are not on commission to sell you any products or brands. Our personal trainers will get you results by coaching you and guiding you every step of the way with constant motivation and positivity.


All of our clients receive a personalised diet plan created by our trainers to suit to the individuals goals and needs.  For example fat loss, muscle building, paleo, sports performance etc. If you have special requirements such as being a vegetarian or allergic to a type of food, we can work around this no problem! 

With our personalised diets we get you the quickest results to what ever your goal may be with our approach to fresh clean eating.


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