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Are you stressed?

In today’s fast paced modern society everyone at some point or another becomes stressed. Anything from bills, homework or even under recovering from a workout can cause stress on our body. A bad diet can also majorly contribute to the stress on our bodies. Looking at the gut is a good indicator at seeing how stressed we are. Having too much genetically modified and processed foods also contributes to how we feel. A lot of people consume too much pro inflammatory foods such as sugar and gluten. Most people are intolerant to the likes of gluten, dairy & wheat and aside from causing bloating and IBS these allergies can effect you mentally. The gut is often referred to as the second brain.

Stress can increase the risk of conditions such as a low immune system, obesity, heart disease, diabetes and depression to name just a few. It can also halt your progress in the gym when it comes to making gains for fat loss and muscle gain. Remember you don’t grow in the gym you grow at home! Excess Cortisol, the bodies stress hormone, can stop muscle growth and prevent protein synthesis. It can also cause excess body fat particularly in the stomach region.

So to stay healthy and keep making great gains in the gym here are some simple do’s and don’ts.

My 8 top tips on how to beat stress


1. Workout (even if this is just taking a walk)

2. Check for food intolerance’s by eliminating foods and reducing them or have a allergy test done

3. Drink Tulsi tea (its caffeine free)

4. Go to bed early aim to give yourself 7-8 hours

5. Get a massage or use a foam roller

6. Take a hot bath

7. Listen to your favorite music

8. Spend time with family and friends laughing and having fun.


1. Smoke

2. Eat junk & highly processed foods

3. Stay up late

4. Drink alcohol

5. Surf the internet or use social media before bed

6. Over train

7. Socialize with negative and stressful people

8. Hold up or bottle up your feelings inside

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